An agreement for valued cooperation was signed between the Galil-Golan Football Club and the Tel Hai Trustees Association

Tel Hai National Project – The Tel Hai Trustees Association led to a government decision to develop and upgrade the Tel Hai Museum and Courtyard.

The cornerstone was laid for the Belachovski lookout point, which will overlook the Hula valley, the Tel Hai courtyard and the path of the wounded.

Launch of a state medal for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Tel Hai in cooperation with the Israel Medals and Coins Society

A study evening in collaboration with the Tabor Midrash for Zionist Leadership

Launch of a wine series with Kishor Winery and the Israeli Forum for Leadership

Kishor Winery was established in 2010 surrounded by a natural grove and the views of the Western Galilee. The winery is an integral part of the fabric of life of Kfar Kishorit, a village for graduates with special needs and special abilities. The members of the village are full partners in every step and process that takes place in the winery.

The Château Belachovski series was launched in a unique collaboration between the Yitzhar Belachovski family, Kishor Winery, Tel Hai Loyalist Association and the Israeli Leadership Forum on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Tel Hai.

Donation to the children of Kiryat Shmona as part of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Tel Hai activity

The corona virus disconnected the boys and girls from school and the education system moved to online education. Unfortunately, not all Israeli children have a computer(s) at home. As part of its activities on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Tel Hai, the association decided to donate dozens of computers to the children of Kiryat Shmona, the city named after the eight men and women of Tel Hai who fell in the battle 100 years ago.

Yard lighting

The association worked to illuminate the Tel Hai courtyard by placing new and advanced lighting fixtures, in order to illuminate the courtyard itself and its surroundings.

Erecting a mast

The association erected a flagpole in the courtyard of Tel Hai, for the first time in years, and today the Israeli flag flies proudly above the aliyah room.

Cleaning the yard

After Operation Tzuk Eitan, some members of the association went to Tel Hai and for 4 days, worked to clean the Tel Hai courtyard, its lawns and the carob tree plot.

Construction of benches and wood cladding on the roof of the aliyah room

The association, together with the Eretz Israelit construction company, which  volunteered fully, brought its workers to a full day’s work in the Tel Hai courtyard and donated all the raw materials for the construction of the benches for the courtyard complex and the coverings for the roof of the aliyah room.

Preservation of the Tel Hai courtyard

In 2008, a conservation and renovation project for the Tel Hai yard was carried out. The chairman of the public council, Michael Yitzhar Belachovski, together with his wife, Eti, took an active part in the project and contributed greatly to its success.

The late President Shimon Peres at the reopening ceremony of the Tel Hai courtyard, 2008 together with Mr. Michael Yitzhar Belachovski and his wife Eti.